One client –Uttar Pradesh Tourism and a 500 Sq. ft. office with a turn over Rs. Of 3 lacs that was Anu Image Makers in the year 1991. We were a small agency tucked away in Lucknow with one clearly articulated goal – to be in top 5 agencies of U.P we pursued our ambition with an almost manic obsession. By creating the best contemporary advertising that had our client and other people taking notice.

As a young agency, operating out of Lucknow, our growth was driven helping small businesses, with big ambition explode the brands at the large.

Within a very short period of time in May 1993 we got the Provisional Certificate form INS [Indian News Paper Society]. In Sep 2004 our agency became fully accredited to the INS. From 1991 to till now our turn over touching nearly 10 Crore with our clientage more than 100, from both central & state government sector, Public, Corporate or private sector. We  have our Corporate Office in the heart of city hving 2000 sq.ft. office area along with 3 branch offices in different prime cities of Uttar Pradesh. And 3 of the other part of India.